Before any construction project can begin, labor and materials cost estimates need to be established and as many items as possible need to be accounted for. Even the largest construction contractors with dedicated estimating teams have a difficult time keeping up with all of the ins and outs of a construction estimate.

What can companies do to streamline their construction estimating processes? No matter what size your company is, hiring a professional takeoff specialist can mean the difference between rousing success and cataclysmic failure. At Max Takeoffs, we understand the pressures that a quantity takeoff can put on your business and your employees. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing construction organizations like yours with a takeoff service that covers all the bases and makes sure you get an accurate quantity takeoff every time.

Why Is Outsourcing Construction Takeoffs Vital For Your Business?

Construction takeoffs, no matter the size of the projects they’re associated with, are an extremely important part of the entire construction process. Without a quantity takeoff, any project is doomed to delays or outright failure, as many a small construction contractor could tell you from personal experience. Everything in a construction project that needs to be accounted for — labor, materials, equipment and time — must be assessed and put on paper; a single item that is somehow missed or miscalculated can have a cascading effect on the rest of the project.

For larger construction companies that have the resources to complete their own project cost estimates or quantity takeoffs, doing so can often mean diverting manpower from other personnel  that have their own responsibilities. This is especially true of larger projects that require the involvement of more people and more resources than even established contractors can keep up with, forcing them to hire additional help in order to get a takeoff done on time and under budget.

By trusting a third-party quantity surveyor with your construction estimating needs, you can reap the rewards of a professional and accurate material estimate while gaining the ability to concentrate on other important areas of the project. With Max Takeoffs, you get:

  • Efficiency

    Don’t let inexperienced estimators slow your project down. Outsourcing your takeoffs to a professional maximizes overall efficiency for your company.

  • Accuracy

    Even with takeoff and estimating softwares, it’s easy for estimators to make mistakes. Max Takeoffs guarantees accuracy in all of its construction material estimates.

  • Attention

    By offering a customized service that takes your concerns and needs into consideration, you’ll get a takeoff estimate that lines up  perfectly with your company’s goals.

  • Time

    By letting a third-party expert take over all aspects of your takeoff needs, you’ll never have to worry about draining your company’s precious time.

  • Resources

    Outsourcing your takeoffs will keep your company resources on track, allowing departments to do the work they’re supposed to be doing.

  • Accountability

    A specialized takeoff firm like Max Takeoffs can make sure people and resources connected to your project are functioning at their fullest potential.

  • Compliance

    Dealing with subcontractors adds yet another layer to a compliance process that is already complicated enough. A takeoff specialist can ease that burden for you and your company.

With Max Takeoffs, Accuracy Is King

Those who have been in the construction industry for more than a few years recognize that even the most minuscule inaccuracy in a quantity takeoff can mean all the difference between a successful completion of a project that is on schedule and under budget. Failure to keep takeoff accuracy in mind has doomed many a construction gig to postponements and shortages that can last weeks or months, further draining resources that are better off being used in other areas.

With construction estimating services from Max Takeoffs, you can always be confident that the work we do for you will be accurate. Our takeoff professionals have the experience and training needed to give you a material takeoff that will keep your company focused and within budget. Through our use of state-of-the-art estimating software and constant communication with project management, your final takeoff estimate will guarantee a successful job.

Trust Us With Your Construction Takeoffs

You probably remember that old adage “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” This may still be relevant for a lot of things in life, but in the world of construction, project managers don’t have the liberty of doing everything themselves. This is especially true when it comes to estimating costs for large projects that involve an abundance of resources, materials, workforce, and management. Even in organizations that have the manpower to handle necessary basics like the estimation process, the simplest client demands can reroute workflow and cause delays in the pre-construction process.

When you outsource estimating services through Max Takeoffs, you don’t have to worry about whether the job is being done right. We’ll handle all aspects of your quantity takeoff, and we’ll do it all with efficiency, expediency, and accuracy. We’ll work with your budget and make sure any of your client’s concerns are resolved in a timely manner. Our #1 concern is to help you meet your goals and those of your client!

Max Takeoffs Can Provide You With The Perfect Takeoff Estimate

Instead of putting the onus of completing construction estimates on you and your team, why not let the experts at Max Takeoffs do all the heavy lifting for you? With years of experience in dealing with the intricacies of takeoff estimation, our staff of professionals can provide your business with a takeoff that offers clarity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Using the form below, contact us today for more information on our service and how we can help you and your company achieve your goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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