3 Benefits of Outsourcing Quantity Takeoffs

A number of Construction Professionals – from Contractors to Building Material Suppliers – are beginning to realize the major benefits of outsourcing their construction quantity takeoffs. 

Outsourcing Quantity Takeoffs doesn’t only help streamline your construction estimating process, it also enables current staff members to be more effective and focus on more important tasks. 

Performing quantity takeoffs internally has proven to be too time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient for the modern day construction organization. 

Here are the three major benefits to outsourcing your construction quantity takeoffs: 

  1. Increase Revenue. Completing more quantity takeoffs enables you to bid more projects. Bidding on more projects increases your chances of winning more projects. When looking to be awarded new construction projects, it’s a numbers game. The more projects you bid on, the more projects you are likely to win. If you are looking to grow your construction organization, this is fastest and most cost effective way of starting that process. 
  1. Decreased Overhead. Outsourcing quantity takeoffs is much more cost-effective than hiring additional, full-time staff. With Max Takeoffs, you only pay for the takeoffs you need. When you run the numbers, hiring Max Takeoffs is actually less expensive than hiring full-time Estimators in-house. Click Here for More Information on Pricing.
  1. Operate More Efficiently.  Performing takeoffs is a time-consuming, laborious, and tedious task. Your current staff members should not be spending their time doing takeoffs, they should be spending their time being effective. With takeoffs off their to-do lists, your team can spend valuable time putting together more bid proposals and managing day-to-day operations, projects, and clients.

Outsourcing your construction quantity takeoffs to Max Takeoffs will help you win more bids and operate more efficiently while helping you significantly reduce overhead costs.

Max Takeoffs is the #1 Quantity Takeoff Service for the Construction Industry. 

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